Lloyd Austin, Alabama Power rebates: Down in Alabama


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    Another Walter Reed visit

    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was back in the hospital on Sunday, reports The Associated Press.

    For the record, the White House, select members of Congress and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were notified.

    Austin, the Mobile native who has faced criticism, a review and an investigation over quietly being treated for prostate cancer without making the White House aware, was back at Walter Reed for symptoms the Pentagon said indicated an “emergent bladder issue.”

    The Pentagon also said through a spokesperson that the secretary has continued to function the duties of his job. He’s been scheduled to leave Tuesday for Brussels to meet with a group that coordinates support for Ukraine in its defense against Russia.

    A costly home raid

    A federal court has awarded a Randolph County couple a million dollars in its lawsuit against the county over a 2018 raid on their home by deputies, reports AL.com’s Heather Gann.

    Greg and Teresa Almond claim that a deputy dropped by to serve paperwork regarding a civil matter. According to the plaintiffs, over the smell of marijuana, a task force showed up a couple hours later, kicked in the door and threw a shock device into the home. The lawsuit claims the task force found less than $50 of marijuana and one prescribed Lunesta pill outside of its bottle, but that authorities seized $8,000 in cash, firearms, jewelry and other items from safes in the home.

    Their son claimed the marijuana was his. Still, the Almonds were hit with misdemeanor possession charges. At trial, the circuit judge testified she didn’t issue a warrant for the raid.

    Meantime, the couple claimed that Greg’s reputation was damaged, leading to financial trouble. They missed a refinance deadline, lost their home and family farmland and ended up staying in a shed without running water and indoor plumbing.

    Every little bit helps

    It’s not a million dollars, but put this one in the “every little bit helps” category.

    The Alabama Public Service Commission announced that some Alabama Power customers will get about a $5 credit from 2023, reports AL.com’s Heather Gann.

    Which is nice, because when it gets really hot in a couple months, you can cut your thermostat up and use that five dollars to buy a popsicle. It all adds up to Alabama Power crediting customers a total of around $14.8 million.

    The reason for the credit, according to PSC President Twinkle Andress Cavanagh, is that Alabama Power went over its 6.15-percent profit cap. If they make more profit than that, they have to send it back to us customers.

    The $5 figure was what Cavanaugh said would be sent to typical residential customers who use around a thousand kilowatts.

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