↩️🎬🖼 🤯 Such powerful magnetic storms are expected on February 25 that it will suffer not only…


Real War | Ukraine:

🫠Favorite section 18+: the planet, including Ukraine will be covered by powerful magnetic storms. Meteoagent reports that there will be several outbreaks that may harm health, and they are expected on February 23 and 24. 🇺🇦Real War

🤯On February 25, such powerful magnetic storms are expected that not only our well-being will suffer, but also communication and power grids

All because of two strong flares on the Sun, which astronomers attributed to the most powerful category X.

The strongest of them was the flash of class X6.3. The last time such a powerful outbreak occurred was in 2017.

Photo and video: NASA / SDO

🇺🇦Real War

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